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Shop Windows

DSC02664-001When I travel, I love looking in the shop windows. I like to see what is popular in other countries. Years ago, when I worked in retail, I often created the store window displays. I enjoyed that part of the job a lot so it is fun to observe the creation of other window display artists. Our latest trip to Europe had many great window displays that I would like to share with you. The pictures are not always the best as shooting through glass has its limits. Читать далее

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The Freshwater Springs of the Yucatan

IMG_1551-001Tourists travel to the Yucatan for the two «star attractions» — the beaches and the ruins. However, they often miss the geologic wonder of
the freshwater springs of the Yucatan, the cenotes. “Cenote” is a modification of the Maya word “Dzonot”, which means, hole in the ground or well.

As is the nature of peninsulas the Yucatan is surrounded on three sides by large bodies of water yet on the peninsula itself there are no lakes, nor rivers. Читать далее

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Eating Our Way Through Europe

My husband thinks it is amusing that I take pictures of the food we eat while travelling. But I find it is part of the good memories. And we ate some great food on the latest trip to Europe.

The first fabulous meal was at Cafe Opera in Altea, Spain. I had been to Cafe Opera once 8 years ago. Both experiences have been wonderful and I was pleased to see it had not changed. Читать далее

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Chili Cook-Off

Вот так проводят время в Мексике канадские пенсионеры!:) Приписка от Виктории:)

The Merida English Library sent out a notice that they were looking for volunteers for their annual chili cook-off fund raising event. I quickly volunteered thinking, ‘I can do that. I make chili all the time. No big deal.” Was I ever wrong! Making chili in Canada and making chili in Mexico are two very different things. Читать далее

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Yucatan Cuisine

I have been in Mexico only once before for an extended stay and that visit was to the west coast city of Puerto Vallarta. There had been a couple of other short forays. One into the border city of Tijuana. Another time was a cruise ship stop at Ensenada.

The foods of the Yucatan Peninsula are a surprise in their uniqueness. Very different from what you would associate as being typical Mexican food. Читать далее

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Hello from Merida, Yucatan

We arrived here a week ago and I am still adjusting to the heat and humidity. Especially the humidity.

We are happy with the house we have rented. The Mexican architecture is completely different from what we are used to. What I love the most is the blank facade that faces the street with no hint of what is behind the doors. Every home has a hidden court yard – ours is between the front bedroom and the rear bedroom. Читать далее

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Wayward Cameras

On my last trip, I lost my camera. Actually it was stolen and I knew who took it, but it was her word against mine. So what do you do?
It happened on the Croatian island of Hvar. I had my camera in my hand when I went into this cute little jewellery shop. I wondered around and picked out a green natural-stone bracelet. I must have set my camera down on the counter to pay. I discovered I didn’t have enough cash. I told her I would be right back. I stepped out of the store to ask Don if he had some cash. Читать далее

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If you’ve ever had the good fortune to spend quality time with a two year old you are bombarded with “why” questions. “Why is that called a rainbow? Why does a dog bark? Why do I have to go to bed? But why?” Читать далее

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The Library – A Great Deal

One of my favourite places, in my community, is the public library. It costs only $12.00 a year (for an adult) to get a library card, however I would gladly pay 10 times that much.
Libraries have always been a part of my life. When I was younger they were my window to the world, especially at a time when I did not have the opportunity to travel.
Before the internet they were the only reliable source of limitless information. Читать далее

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Sheila’s 10 Steps to Healthy Living

Darlene and SheilaЯ позволю себе краткое предисловие к статье Шейлы. Поскольку это была, надо сказать, долгожданная статья:) Я просила Шейлу написать ее уже много раз, и вот наконец получила эту статью. Потому как многие спрашивали как ей удается так молодо и хорошо выглядеть. И вот Шейла делится своими секретами:) Здесь вы сможете задать ей множество своих вопросов, чтобы  она рассказала о своих секретах еще более подробно, с деталями:) Читать далее

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Tea for Two

I had long since given up hope of being invited to tea at Buckingham Palace but recently I had an opportunity to do the next best thing –  enjoy tea at The Empress Hotel in Victoria BC.  The majestic Fairmont Empress Hotel, a landmark in Victoria, has been serving its renowned afternoon tea for over one hundred years to royalty, famous and not so well known individuals.  I belong to the later. Читать далее

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Catastrophic Weather and Natural Disasters

Don and I spent the winter dodging one natural disaster after another: floods, more floods, fierce rain, and an earthquake. This happened in Australia and New Zealand where we spent part of our winter months.

I wrote a blog about our travels.

While in Perth there were floods just north of the city that wiped out large plantations. This created hardships for the growers as well as threatened the local food supply. Читать далее

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Amanda’s adventure in Spain

??Amanda in Spain

My husband’s parents retired to Spain from England a few years ago.  This gives us a wonderful holiday destination. I have had the opportunity to visit them in this sunny country three times already and each time explored different parts of the country.  I must admit I love Spain very much.  So much that I decided to write a second book with the same character as my first book. Читать далее

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The Painted Boat

I was fortunate enough to win an over night stay at The Painted Boat Resort in Pender Harbour on the beautiful sunshine coast of British Columbia.  My husband and I chose to spend our time at this lovely spot set amongst the fir trees, during the recent Thanksgiving weekend.

It was a wonderful get-away in a perfect setting.  Читать далее

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Giving Thanks. October 11, 2010


Giving Thanks
Yesterday, Monday October 11th, was Thanksgiving.  Don decided to phone and wish his Uncle Alex, who at 82 has lived in the United States for all his adult life, a happy Canadian Thanksgiving.  We were surprised when Uncle Alex said that he did not remember celebrating Thanksgiving growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Читать далее

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Up in the Air!

balloon ride

For many years I have dreamed of going up in the air in a hot air balloon.  My husband so kindly gave me a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride for my birthday and on June 5 of this year, my dream was realized.  The experience was amazing.  Once the balloonist decided the weather was suitable for flying, we all assisted in taking the balloon out of its large duffle bag and unraveling it.  Читать далее

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