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Like many of you who read this blog, I love to travel.  As a child growing up on a ranch on the Canadian prairies, I often dreamt of traveling to interesting places.  I have been fortunate as an adult to have been able to do some traveling to places such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, England,  Spain, Alaska and various parts of Canada and the United States. But when I was invited by Don and Sheila MacArthur to visit them while they were working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), I was in for a trip of a lifetime.

The minute I got off the plane in Dubai, I realized that this was going to be an entirely different and unique experience.  Don and Sheila were the perfect hosts of course and made sure I was shown a wonderful time.  Trips to Oman, the wadi, an archaeological dig, a traditional fishing village, an abandoned village, museums, shopping at the fabulous souks and attending an exciting camel race were on the agenda.  Don even arranged to have his jeep break down so we could be rescued by Arabs in brilliant white dishdashas.  I got to taste the local food, try on an abaya, go dune bashing and even ride a camel in the desert.  I kept pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Don, Sheila and Darlene

Darlene !

In two short weeks I saw and did so much and loved every minute of it.  I came back with a suitcase full of gorgeous fabric, hundreds of photographs and fabulous memories. This trip was so remarkable; I decided to write a book about it.  The book, Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask, has now been e-published and can be found here  if you would like to learn more about it.

Of course once you start to travel, you just want to see more of the world don’t you.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” St. Augustine

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  1. Стас говорит:

    Wow! offroad adventures in desert are always fun… as long as you have enough water and a satellite phone to call for rescue of course 🙂

    Btw, just wondering… Were you riding a Suzuki Escudo which broke down?

  2. ruzanna говорит:

    Have You ever been in Mediterranean countries?If no,welcome to Cyprus!It is a very beautiful island,surrounded with Mediterranean sea.Here You can find many colorful exotic flowers and trees,encluding many wonderful kinds of orchids.The history of Cyprus comes from several thousands years of ancient times,in every hundred metres You can see ancient ruins,medieval castles,old churches.Do You know who is Aphrodite?The place of Aphrodite(Godess of beauty) born is in Cyprus,between Limassol and Pafos cities,the legend says-who swims in this place and in Aphrodite’s bathroom,will be young and love ever.The visiting Cyprus will give You chance for Your second book.Believe me,I live in Cyprus 7 years,but I have not yet seen everything in this small island.It’s amazing place,every year there are many interesting events-carnival,wine festival,when You can taste and drink different Cyprus wines,how You can drink(it’s free),flowers festival,theatrical festival,rally and many other ceremonies.And one important moment-everyone in Cyprus speaks English.
    Darlene,if You decide to visit Cyprus,I’ll be glad to meet You and show everything-Victoria’s and Sheila’s friends are my friends)))
    Of course,I am also applicant of Canadian immigration,but I’m here now,till indefinite time)))

  3. Андрей говорит:

    Hi, Darlene!
    I`m also like traveling but I`m too young to afford it )) so I`m just reading and imagining )) Born in Siberia now I live in Saint Petersburg (and i missing of siberian nature and especially climate ))) but I like St Petersburg because I love the soul of this city… Each building has a history and for me it`s very interesting (some times it`s more interesting than my university study )))

  4. Darlene говорит:

    Андрей, It is so nice to hear from you. I have never been to Saint Petersburg but would love to visit there sometime. My ancestors immigrated to Canada from south Russia almost 100 years ago so I would love to visit that country sometime. When I was young I didn’t have money to travel either but if that is your dream, hang on to it and it will come true.

  5. Darlene говорит:

    Hello Ruzanna
    Thank you for your comments. I have not been to Cyprus yet but have heard great things about it and would love to visit some day. You described it very well, I want to come tomorrow! Thank you for your kind offer to show me around. It would be a great place for «Amanda» to have an adventure I am sure. I have been to the Mediterranean as I have been to Spain. Perhaps I will write about Spain next time on the blog.

  6. Darlene говорит:

    Thanks for the comments Стас. It was indeed so much fun. I am not sure but I think Don’s jeep was a Toyota. Thank you also for showing me how to post my comments on the blog page.
    I am not very technical but I am trainable!

  7. Sergio говорит:

    Hi, Darline!
    Very interesting story 🙂 Where are you planning to go next time ?
    I very love east ))

  8. Darlene говорит:

    Thanks Sergio. I have been to many places since then but there are so many more I want to visit. I have no plans right now. (which is strange for me) but I am sure something will come up.

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