Шейла с нами! Sheila with us!

Ребята! Мне кажется у меня для вас есть отличная новость! У нас в гостях сегодня были наши лучшие канадские друзья Дон и Шейла, о них вы читали массу информации на нашем сайте. Сегодня Шейла дала свое согласие присоединиться к нашему сайту! И теперь у вас тоже будет прекрасный канадский друг и собеседник! Для нее открыта рубрика Hi, from Sheila! Но Шейла не понимает по русски , и тот, кто пожелает узнать что-либо о Канаде из первых уст, должен будет напрячься и начать практиковаться в английском, ведь без языка тут никуда:)

Шейла может помочь вам в практике английского языка, в рекомендациях по написанию резюме и кавер леттер. Также она будет расcказывать о канадской жизни устами самих канадцев:) Я думаю она расскажет о том, что нужно сделать чтобы найти тут работу, свое счастье, и как найти себя в Канаде. О том, как сохранить столь молодым себя и в 60 лет и старше:) Шейла учительница, также она пишет и книги для детей и теперь будет пытаться помочь по мере сил и нашим русским читателям!

Вы можете задавать ей свои вопросы и давать ей темы, которые вас очень интересуют. Если у вас есть идеи как она может вам помочь, пишите ей или мне и я уверена она сделает для этого максимум возможного. Само собой убедительная просьба писать ей по английски:) Если вы не уверены в своих английских познаниях , то тем более она вам поможет в этом и вы начнете улучшать свой язык. Не бойтесь делать ошибки и можете попросить в случае чего ее вас поправить:)

Так что прошу любить ее и жаловать и нам вместе будет тут еще лучше!

С уважением к нашим читателям


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24 комментария на «Шейла с нами! Sheila with us!»

  1. Андрей говорит:

    Hi, Sheila! I`m nice to see you here 🙂
    But I don`t know english, unfortunately (I hope, it`s not a problem `cause i like to talk with people and I like to experience something new)

  2. Sveta говорит:

    Прекрасные новости!
    Welcome, Sheila!

  3. xyz говорит:

    Sheila, hello!
    This is going to be a very nice thing to do as long as many people outside Canada are willing to hear more about Canada from real Canadians (sorry for tautology)!
    Sheila, Victoria said that you were a teacher. What subjects do you teach? Who do you teach, I mean, teenagers or younger kids?
    I am a teacher too, no, I should put it differently: I was taught to be an English teacher, but because working as a teacher in Russia does not pay or the pay is so scarce that I had to give up the job and try to find something different to do. Now I work as an engineer which may seem surprising. In Russia this is very typical. One learns one thing, but does for his living something which is absolutely different.
    I am also thinking of moving to Canada. Do you think I stand a chance of finding some sort of job to do if my intension comes true?
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Alex говорит:

    Hello, Sheila!
    Nice to meet you. My name is Alex. I like Canada and I’m interested in information about Canadian life. Also I have been learning English for long time, but I’m not a big success with it. I need practice in communication in English with native speaker of English. Do you know anybody, who talk to me by Skype? Thanks in advance for your helping. And I look forward to reading your messages here!
    Sincerely yours,

  5. Виктория говорит:

    Ребята, у Шейлы возникли некоторые трудности с нашим сайтом, так как у нас тут все в основном по русски, то ей немного сложно все понимать ( она языком не владеет). Потому если она на комментарии вам быстро не ответила пожалуйста не обижайтесь она это обязательно сделает, ей только нужно привыкнуть кое-где работать на незнакомом ей языке:) Мы все работаем над этим и скоро все пойдет гораздо быстрее и лучше:) Спасибо вам за понимание и терпение!

  6. Геннадий говорит:

    Welcome, Sheila!

  7. Alex говорит:

    It’s OK. Don’t worry

  8. Sheila говорит:

    Hi, Andrew — Sorry to take so long to respond. Unfortunately, I don’t speak nor read Russian as well as most of you obviously speak and read English. I hope that you find my entries helpful as well as interesting. I, too, like to experience new things and feel that by corresponding with Russian citizens I will indeed have new experiences. I think for sure that I need to learn the Russian alphabet. Wish me luck!

  9. Sheila говорит:

    Hi Sveta — Thank you for the welcome. The weather here is very changeable. It was warm this morning but a cold north wind has blown in this afternoon. How is the weather where you are?

  10. Sheila говорит:

    Hi xyz — Thank you for your comments. They were the inspiration for my first entry. Your being able to switch from the teaching profession to engineering is surprising. I can only assume that your teaching credentials were at the higher levels of maths and sciences. In terms of your moving to Canada I feel that if your English is strong enough you stand a good chance of finding work in your field. You might want to contact some prospective employers to check on their requirements.

  11. Sheila говорит:

    Hi Alex — I know many Russians here who bear the name of Alex. They also tend to be married to Elena’s. Interesting! It is difficult learning a new language without sufficient opportunities to practice. Learning from a book is very unsatisfactory. I will ask around to see if I can find someone who would be interested in speaking to you through Skype. Unfortuantly, I have many demands on my time and would not be consistent.

  12. Sheila говорит:

    Hi Gennady — Thank you for the welcome. Today, on the news, it stated that Calgarians will be paying over a hundred dollars more in taxes each year. It does not sound like much but it adds up. One more thing to complain about. How are things going where you are? I can imagine you too have something to grumble about as nowhere is perfect.

  13. xyz говорит:

    Sheila, hello again!
    Thank you for your replies to all of us.

  14. Alex говорит:

    Hi Sheila!
    Thank you for your answer. You wrote about most of Russians have name Alex and get married to Elena’s. It’s really interesting. But in my case it’s not exactly 🙂 My wife’s name is not Elena.

  15. Света говорит:

    Hi Sheila! Sorry for my late response. I have no time to answer to your comment earlier in view of change of my job.
    As far as I know, air in Calgary is very dry, so temperature drop doesn’t give a lot of troubles. Am I right?
    As for me, harder to withstand a damp climate of St. Petersburg: when its eddy wind, even fur doesn’t help at all.
    Hopefully, I live in Moscow 🙂 Climate of this city is not as northerly as in St.Pete, but winters are very cold too. Several years ago temperature in January dropped to -35 degree. My car was broken and I had to go to my work by the Metro. The way from my home to the Metro was like a nightmare. In addition to such temperature I forgot my cap at home! I hadn’t any time to return for my cap and I run to the Metro. Only five minutes left, but my ears became white! They were frostbitten…
    To say the truth such cold winters are not normally for Moscow 😉

  16. Minis говорит:

    Hi Sheila!
    Thank you very much for taking this intiative to tell us about Canada from your own point of view. I’m not from Russia. I was born in Ukraine, and for the last 8 years I’ve been living in Israel. The subject I would like to ask you is what is your secret of looking so good? You look really great! Sorry if you already posted the answer somewhere in this site and I missed it.

  17. Sheila говорит:

    Hi Света — Lovely to hear from you. It is wonderful to correspond with someone from a city I long to visit one day. SSt. Petersburg has such a rich history.
    I hope you are happy with the change in your place of work. I have recently changed my address. I am not totally happy with it but sometimes life offers you few choices.
    The air in Calgary is dry, however when the temperature drops low enough it is cold. I agree that a damp cold is very disagreeable. The cold seems to go through anything you are wearing and seeps right into your bones.
    With Global Warming we no longer have many -35 degree days in winter. They were far more common when I was a child.

  18. Sheila говорит:

    Hello Minis — Thank you for the compliment. I think my secret is first of all having good genes. Something I cannot take credit for. What I can take credit for is having always eaten a fairly healthy diet and exercised. Also, I have never smoked nor do I drank to excess. May sound pretty boring to some but it works for me.

  19. Sheila говорит:

    Hi Alex — I am glad that your wife is not named Elena — even though it is a pretty name. I was beginning to think that it is a law in Russia that all men named Alex were required to find and marry an Elena. (Just joking.)
    Hi to your wife.

  20. Minis говорит:

    Hi Sheila,
    Can you please tell me what does your «fairly healthy diet» include? I would also be glad if you can name some brands you prefer. The shelves of Canadian super-market will be a new cosnumer-journey for me and it would help a lot to have some advises before making bad choices.
    Thanks a lot.

  21. Sergey говорит:

    Hello Sheila! To Me it is very pleasant that there was an opportunity to communicate in English about Canada and the life in Canada. At present I have an opportunity to communicate only in colloquial English and not enough practice in written skills. I have to you an offer — write please yours e-mail and I shall correspond by means of mail because I not always have an output on a site, and access to mail always. I shall be very grateful to you.

  22. Sergey говорит:

    Sheila, this is my e-mail: sy_kot@mail.ru

  23. Елена говорит:

    Dear Sheila,

    I am very glad to know, that there is someone in Canada, who is so dedicated to help people she doesn’t know. It’s an uncommon thing for a canadian citizen. I do appreciate it a lot.

    I am a good interlockuter as they say. I try me best to be the one for those, who i usually talk to on Skype (I’ve got a friend in US, Algyr, Turkey, Russia). But still there are some problems. I find it very hard to find someone, who WOULD HAVE this wish. Usually the procedure is as following: i find a canadian, who is interested in talk with people around the globe. I write them a very polite message saying that i’d be glad to share my knowledge, but i get no reply in the end. I wonder what do i do wrong? And what i find especially hard is talking them into conversation! What can be the reason?

    Thank you for the reply beforehand.


  24. Дмитрий говорит:

    Dear Sheila, I apologize for disrespecting you and to the English language.

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