Up in the Air!

balloon ride

For many years I have dreamed of going up in the air in a hot air balloon.  My husband so kindly gave me a gift certificate for a hot air balloon ride for my birthday and on June 5 of this year, my dream was realized.  The experience was amazing.  Once the balloonist decided the weather was suitable for flying, we all assisted in taking the balloon out of its large duffle bag and unraveling it.  Then two large fans were set up to fill the colourful material with air.  Soon it grew to an enormous size dwarfing the people around it.  When it was almost filled to capacity and attached to the sturdy wicker basket, hot air was blown into it and it began to right itself. The balloonist then instructed the eager passengers to jump into the basket, and without a moment to spare, we were airborne.

balloon ride Darlene

I closed my eyes for a minute.  Is this really happening? Am I actually flying in a hot air balloon? When I opened my eyes we were floating over farms, dense forests and green fields with Mount Baker always in clear view.  There was no feeling of movement, just the sensation of being suspended in air. Like Arianna in Jane Urquhart’s novel Changing Heaven, I felt as light as milkweed.  I could see deer running in and out of the forest and cows making their way home.  A wooden bridge crossed a stream and dogs barked at us from farmyards. It was like looking down on a miniature rural scene.  I relaxed and enjoyed every moment.

balloon ride Гора Бекер

view from balloon

Our seasoned aeronaut landed the balloon in a field of clover so gently we did not realize we were back on the ground.  The evening ended with all of us flattening the balloon, rolling it up and packing it away for the next adventure.  Then we shared the traditional glass of champagne as the sun set behind the mountains.  A perfect end to my dream come true!

Darlene Foster



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5 комментариев на «Up in the Air!»

  1. Magnat говорит:

    Good enough ride on the air. I could imagine how was nice to feel wind touching and hear the silence of the flight. Just wonder how long did it take since airborne till land on the ground and was anybody escorting you from the ground along. Though I`m a pilot of the Boeing and I fly usually for a long range at high altitudes I`d like to go up in the air in a hot air balloon like you.

  2. Darlene говорит:

    Thanks for your comments. The balloon ride was about one hour long in the air but the entire experience was about three hours. I hope you have a chance to experience this adventure someday.

  3. Tanya говорит:

    Thank you for so amazing story! It’s my dream too and hope it will be true next my birthday 🙂

    Where was this balloon ride? Somewhere in BC?

  4. Darlene говорит:

    Thanks Tanya. I should have mentioned that the balloon ride took place in Langley BC, only 45 minutes from where I live. I hope your wish for a balloon ride comes true! Darlene

  5. Tanya говорит:

    Thank you, Darlene.

    Langley is not far from me too. I live between Abbotsford and Downtown Vancouver 🙂 Last eyar it was Vancouver this year Abbotsford and in some weeks will be Vancouver again.
    So Ballon ride can be true for me next spring.

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