Amanda’s adventure in Spain

??Amanda in Spain

My husband’s parents retired to Spain from England a few years ago.  This gives us a wonderful holiday destination. I have had the opportunity to visit them in this sunny country three times already and each time explored different parts of the country.  I must admit I love Spain very much.  So much that I decided to write a second book with the same character as my first book. Amanda in Spain- the Girl in the Painting is based loosely on some of my experiences.  It was fun creating a children’s book about another part of the world and including an adventure.  I hope that the children who read it will be inspired to travel there and see it for themselves.

Amanda went to Spain to spend a holiday with her friend Leah.  She loved Spain and got to see and do many interesting things. She visited Madrid, explored a mountain town with houses hanging on the edge of cliffs, stayed overnight in an old, spooky monastery, took part in a tomato fight and discovered the sights of Barcelona.

hanging houses

There was only one problem; a young girl, looking amazingly like a girl in a famous painting, kept showing up wherever Amanda and Leah happened to be.

Following her was an evil horse dealer who seemed determined to make life miserable for everyone. Could Amanda keep this sweet young girl, and her beloved pony, safe without bringing harm to herself and Leah?


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