The Library – A Great Deal

One of my favourite places, in my community, is the public library. It costs only $12.00 a year (for an adult) to get a library card, however I would gladly pay 10 times that much.
Libraries have always been a part of my life. When I was younger they were my window to the world, especially at a time when I did not have the opportunity to travel.
Before the internet they were the only reliable source of limitless information. Nothing was more enjoyable than sitting on the floor in the middle of the stacks, pulling down volume after volume of fiction, nonfiction, dictionaries, atlases, and encyclopedias. Or if you weren’t in the mood for a book you could chose a magazine, on any topic, or read a local newspaper or one from far away cities or countries.

What makes a library a home away from home? It’s a place where you can find a comfy couch to sit and read or even just sit and day dream. It is not uncommon for the modern library to have a coffee and snack shop tucked away in a corner. If you chose or need to spend the whole day at the library you won’t go hungry. And, if you’re just out-and-about and need to find a toilet, dash into your local library. I defy you to be able to find the facilities without stopping to browse a book jacket or two.

Libraries are great supports for new Canadians. They are a fount of information and services. One service that they provide is the Conversation Club. This is an 8 week program where native English speaker volunteers help newcomers perfect their English. (I am one of the many volunteers who help make this program a success.)

Each week there is a focus topic.

Week 1: Introduction and Library Orientation
Week 2: Celebrations
Week 3: City Living
Week 4: Personality
Week 5: Shopping & Transportation
Week 6: Finding a Job
Week 7: Your World
Week 8: Travel & Leisure

The library offers special programs for every family member. For example:Story time for kids, school help for teens, computer instruction for the elderly and so on. Go to the library — you are sure to find something special just for you.

Calgary has 18 library branches. Just think of that, 18 places where you can go for books, magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs, bus schedules, information about what is happening in-and-around town, continuing education calendars, and so much more.
Another of my favourite activities in the library is to browse their books for sale. For as little as 25 cents you can buy a discarded book. Once a year they have their purple bag sale. You buy the bag for $2.00. You can then fill it with as many discarded book as you can fit in. How great is that?

To find out about all the services offered by your local library go to the website. Or go into the library and ask one of their friendly and helpful staff. If you have any questions on just about anything, the library is the place to go for answers. And remember all of that is yours for the tiny sum of $12.00 per year. Twelve dollars won’t even buy you a decent meal, but at your local library it will put you in touch with the world.

P.S. от Виктории. Ребята, если у вас есть желание встретиться и пообщаться с Шейлой в живую, вы можете это теперь сделать, пока она волонтерит в библиотеке и ведет программу для ньюкамеров, помогающую им в изучении языка. Она будет рада встретиться и с нашими читателями тоже. Мероприятие это бесплатное и предварительная запись не нужна. Шейла будет проводить занятия в библиотеке по вот этому адресу.

I am at the Southwood Branch, 924 Southland Drive SW.

Осталось всего три занятия.

There are 3 sessions to go: Nov. 26, Dec. 3, Dec. 10th. The time is 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

It would be nice to see some of our readers there.

В общем очень вам рекомендую! Шейла очень душевный и очень интересный человек! И  всегда интересуется жизнью наших читателей и ньюкамеров. Я ей при встрече всегда  рассказываю о некоторых судьбах наших читателей и она о них помнит!:) Так что может и вам повезет стать ее другом!:) В любом случае беседа с интересным человеком и носителем языка всегда будет полезна!


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3 комментария на «The Library – A Great Deal»

  1. Regina говорит:

    Hi, Sheila
    I was always amazed how many interesting things you can find in libraries in Canada. Not only books and magazines but a lot of other useful things like meeting with writers, IT courses , book clubs, entertainment for kids and parents.

    The systems of getting books is awesome. You can order any book you came across, even the copy is in Ontario, and I always have 50 books waiting for my order in «a book bag» : this is when you can pick books that you would like to read later, and suspend them in your online library file till the time comes when you are ready to order them. 🙂
    I like the system when the library sends you emails telling that your ordered book is ready for pick up or if the return due date is coming soon.

    A patron feels that he/she has been always taken care of! 🙂

  2. Sheila говорит:

    I know a lot of people who say they are ‘great’ readers. However, they never step inside a library. They buy all their books. Great for the authors. But what an opportunity they are missing out on. Go figure.

  3. Regina говорит:

    To tell the truth, I have seen huge home libraries only in the movies. 🙂 Even my acquaintances from Simphony Orchestra and professors at the university have just some shelves of books or one average bookcase of books.

    If I read two- four books a year I would definitely be able to buy them. 🙂 Unfortunately for myself :), I read one to three books A MONTH. If I buy them they will cost me appoximatly $40-150 a month, and most of them I will never read again. Back in Riga I had a home library of 800-1000 books. To get such a library now , here in Canada, I need to spend $40 000-$50 000 of my life earnings. Too much for my income for just putting them on a shelve! 🙂 Besides, I like to read not only classics but recent bestsellers, books of different Literature Prizes winners, and those books cost a fortune! 🙂

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