If you’ve ever had the good fortune to spend quality time with a two year old you are bombarded with “why” questions. “Why is that called a rainbow? Why does a dog bark? Why do I have to go to bed? But why?”
If you think about it “why’s” are not just the province of the extremely young and curious. At my advanced age I am still plagued by “whys”.

Why is it that some people die a quiet, dignified death and others go out slowly, all dignity gone and, far too often, in absolute agony?

Recently a friend reported on the death of the brother of her father-in-law. She said, “When I phoned Bill yesterday, he shared the sad news that his brother, Lenny, had passed away. He talked to him Friday morning and he was gone by 2 that afternoon. Lenny was at home with his wife when he coughed, closed his eyes and died.” A perfect exit from this world.

My mother-in-law had a massive stroke and was unable to speak, walk, or use her hands from that day until her death five years later. What is the sense in that?

Why do some countries have an abundance of everything: food, water, clean air, leisure time, and every conceivable luxury? For the citizens of other countries, life is a struggle. Every day is a scrabble for the bare necessities of life. Why is that?

Why are some people born beautiful, talented, and with great personalities? For others, their looks are a challenge, they have no marketable talents and their own mothers have to work at liking them. Why is that?

Why do cats disdain to give their owners the time of day; yet dogs fawn and grovel? I mean, really, who could do their owners the most damage if they chose to? Explain that one.

Why don’t the citizens from other planets drop by for a visit? There are rumours that they are out there. Why don’t they act hospitable and drop in for a meal? Isn’t that the polite thing to do?

My ‘why’ list could go on and on. I believe there are more questions in the world than there are answers. Why is that?


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  1. Vlad_RMH говорит:

    I’ve a simple answer — because it’s a game. We play video games but «somebody» do the same and our world is like a video game for them.

    • Sheila говорит:

      I can’t agree. With games there is the element of free will. The playing field is generally fairly even and if you do not like the odds you can choose to opt out. In terms of the world’s inequities there is more often than not very little the ones affected can do about it. If you are born into an area of extreme poverty, without adequate drinking water or access to an education your choices are extremely limited. If it is a game then the people in question would surely say, “I don’t want to play anymore.”

  2. Aizhan говорит:

    May be whys give us some opportunity to think, to be a human, and find out that our life is so complicated and awesome in the same time. These «whys» move us, encourage, and make us to be able appreciate what we have at the moment in comparison with worse situations.
    I really like one novelist, Joudy Picoult. When I read her novels, I have much more «whys» in my head and learn to find answers, as for parent, daughter, sister or wife.
    «Why» is becouse you are not apathetic, you are not a vegetable, you need these answers through all your life.

    • Sheila говорит:

      So true. The ‘whys’ are an opportunity to think globally and in doing so realize how blessed your life is compared to others and give thanks. For me the “whys” take away some of the enjoyment I might have with my life. It is hard to enjoy a good meal, or use clean water without reflecting that somewhere in the world many people are denied what should not be considered a luxury but a natural occurrence. I know that for the ‘whys’ that surround us there is often no simple answer. Or maybe, no answer at all.

  3. Regina говорит:

    Because there is the God to decide. 🙂 . WHY without any explanation? Again, it is not for us to decide. 🙂

    • Sheila говорит:

      But, Regina, whose god? And why would god give to some and not to others? Why would god allow a child to be gunned down in their classroom? Or die a premature death from cancer? These are some of my biggest “whys” What is the sense in these type of events?

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