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DSC02664-001When I travel, I love looking in the shop windows. I like to see what is popular in other countries. Years ago, when I worked in retail, I often created the store window displays. I enjoyed that part of the job a lot so it is fun to observe the creation of other window display artists. Our latest trip to Europe had many great window displays that I would like to share with you. The pictures are not always the best as shooting through glass has its limits.

Windows with hats and traditional clothing are of great interest to me as well as local crafts.



DSC02786 DSC02837

I was delighted to find a store that sold Steiff toys in Vienna. I used to sell these toys when I worked at a gift shop in Medicine Hat, Alberta many years ago. Steiff is the home of the original Teddy Bear, named after Theodore Roosevelt after he visited the factory and commented on how the bears looked a lot like him. My children have a nice collection of these adorable stuffed animals.



I also sold Hummel figures in that same gift store owned by a wonderful German woman. I discovered a fabulous display in a shop window in Vienna.

DSC02784 DSC02783

Shoes are something I love a lot and checking out the shoe store windows in other cities is fun. There were some wild displays in Budapest!

DSC02840 DSC02839

Do you like looking in the shop windows when you are visiting another country?


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