Why is it that in far too many countries teachers are no longer respected nor valued?

This entry is in response to a former Russian teacher who wrote to me that she had to leave the profession because of the low pay.   In Canada the pay is fairly descent but the job is fast loosing all redeeming qualities.  Far too many people seem to subscribe to the theory of, «Those who can’t, teach; those who can, do.»  Thus,  if you are a teacher you have chosen that profession by default, not by choice; being unfit to do anything else.

Today, teachers are not supported in their efforts to give the young an education.  They are attacked by not only the students they are trying to give a future to, but also by their parents.

When asked what line of work you are in and you respond that you are a teacher you are immediately dismissed as having nothing of interest to say.  Today, in our society, a ditch digger garners more respect.  And yet the need for highly skilled and qualified teachers is more necessary than ever before.  With technology progressing at the speed of light without an education all citizens would have a difficult time engaging in their normal day-to-day affairs.  It is my opinion, in Canada, this is just one more example of how eskewed our values have become.

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