Why is it that in far too many countries teachers are no longer respected nor valued?

This entry is in response to a former Russian teacher who wrote to me that she had to leave the profession because of the low pay.   In Canada the pay is fairly descent but the job is fast loosing all redeeming qualities.  Far too many people seem to subscribe to the theory of, «Those who can’t, teach; those who can, do.»  Thus,  if you are a teacher you have chosen that profession by default, not by choice; being unfit to do anything else.

Today, teachers are not supported in their efforts to give the young an education.  They are attacked by not only the students they are trying to give a future to, but also by their parents.

When asked what line of work you are in and you respond that you are a teacher you are immediately dismissed as having nothing of interest to say.  Today, in our society, a ditch digger garners more respect.  And yet the need for highly skilled and qualified teachers is more necessary than ever before.  With technology progressing at the speed of light without an education all citizens would have a difficult time engaging in their normal day-to-day affairs.  It is my opinion, in Canada, this is just one more example of how eskewed our values have become.

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  1. Андрей говорит:

    Hello, Sheila! Thanks for your article. You know, I must be a teacher too on my first education.It`s because in my city there are no choice to choose education as you want. But I want to learn more and I going to get masters degree of ecology and environment, because it`s close to me. Well, thats all, I think. Its hard to me write in English, because I have a little knowledges in it 🙂

  2. Timur говорит:

    I respect my teachers, so do my parents. I will teach my kids to respect their teachers too. My grandmother was a math teacher! Teachers rule! 🙂

  3. Денис говорит:

    Hi Sheila.
    These days, authorities and societies are driven by the insane pace of technological age where all the efforts must be justified by practical value. Figuratively speaking — the faster you get what you want the better. This approach inevitably fails when it comes to education. The latter always requires more patience, diligence and endurance. What is more, it requires time.

    I bet all the developed countries are to revise their approaches with regard to education in the years to come. I have absolutely no doubt that teacher’s role will be restored and even exalted. Current situation is likely to spark up uncontrolled level of ignorance and illiteracy among younger generations. Needless to say, there would be more violence, hate and instability in social term, something which may not be associated with successfull and prosperous country.

    In the long run intellectual potential of the nation is invaluable commodity which unfold its capabilities and may be a crucial argument during global competition. I don’t think such countries like Canada and USA would neglect this matter for too long.

  4. Виктория говорит:

    Ребята, у Шейлы возникли некоторые трудности с нашим сайтом, так как у нас тут все в основном по русски, то ей немного сложно все понимать ( она языком не владеет). Потому если она на комментарии вам быстро не ответила, пожалуйста не обижайтесь, она это обязательно сделает, ей только нужно привыкнуть кое-где работать на незнакомом ей языке:) Мы все работаем над этим и скоро все пойдет гораздо быстрее и лучше:) Спасибо вам за понимание и терпение!

  5. Valery говорит:

    Hi, Sheila!
    Thank you for sharing your point of view. What can you say about teaching at universities?

  6. Minis говорит:

    Well, I think that the theory “Those who can’t, teach; those who can, do» is a complete nonsense. Like in every profession, there are professionals blessed with the talent and love to the job they do, and there are teachers who should really try another job. I saw both kinds. I think the theory is about the second type. Unfortunately, if the salary doesn’t reflect the prestige of the profession, we’ll see less and less talented teachers in schools. And that is dead end. I hope the society will be alert to the prestige (both moral and material) of teacher, and I’m going to be one of them to stand for the status of teacher, for the sake of the children and future generation.
    I speak rather pompous, but this is from the heart.

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