Steve and Julia’s Return

Steve and Julia Return


A year ago, April 2007, my son, Steve, and his wife, Julia flew from Calgary Airport on the first leg of their round the world cycling tour. Their first stop was Scotland.

Steve had hoped to visit Nairn, the ancestral city of his father’s ancestors. Apparently the cemetery is full of Macarthur’s. They didn’t make it that far north but they did get into a good rhythm that helped them prepare for the journey ahead.

We were incredibly grateful to see them walk through customs as we knew they’d had many dangerous encounters that could have resulted in their being hurt, maimed or even killed. Here are the pictures of their return.

If you are interested in more details and pictures of their travels visit their Blog Site:



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  1. Павел говорит:

    Hi, Sheila!
    Is it really true that Scotland is so dangerous?

  2. Наталья говорит:

    Hi, Sheila!
    Thanks for the link. This is very interesting.

  3. Sheila говорит:

    I am sorry but I guess I was not clear. Steve and Julia traveled through 39 countries. Some countries were more dangerous than others but I would not consider Scotland as a particularly dangerous country to travel in. One country that they had some scary encounters was Ethiopia. The village children threw rocks at them as they rode past, and tried to push them into oncoming traffic. When they heard of a cyclist who had just been attacked with a machete they aborted their travel through the countryside and returned to the city.

  4. Sheila говорит:

    You are welcome.

  5. Виктория говорит:

    Hi, Sheila!
    It was really impressive journey!
    Steve and Julia are well done. It is necessary to be brave and a bit risky to plan such extreme trip 🙂
    I’ve visited their Blog and I think they got unforgettable impressions.
    And pictures are really interesting, escpeciaaly pictures with food because I hold an interest in food of different countries:).
    Thanks a lot for such interesting message 🙂

  6. Borat говорит:

    Hi Sheila,

    Thanks for interesting posting. The most impressive thing here for me is… Mmmm… Ok, could you please just drop a couple of lines what are Julia and Steve? (maybe I have messed it from your previous posts?) I would rather spend a year for travel than sit in the office. 🙂

  7. Sheila говорит:

    I too like food from different countries. Yes, the trip that Steve and Julia went on was a trip of a life time. They are now back home and back at work but appreciate the memories.

  8. Sheila говорит:

    Steve is my son and Julia is his wife. He works as a refrigeration mechanic and Julia teaches elementary school. After taking a year off they are now back at work but are happy they took the time and spent the money in order to experience all the many difference cultures.

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